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Department Introduction

Department History Summary
In view of the advent of the era of internationalization, the School of Business of our school established the daytime bachelor class in the department in 1989, then established the master class in 1995, and re-enrolled the advanced bachelor class in 103. The purpose of the Department of International Business Studies (hereinafter referred to as the Department) is in line with the educational goals of the school and the college, taking into account the strategies established by international professional and industrial development trends, and gradually develops the characteristics of (1) cultivating international enterprises with "initiation, responsibility, and contribution" Management talents; (2) Students can choose professional courses that they are interested in or want to strengthen according to their interest development and career planning, and become professional international management talents in various fields. Cross-department multi-course, auxiliary department or double study, the goal is to become a world-class department; (3) Curriculum planning to implement the foundation of business and holistic education, and attach importance to the combination of theory and practice, promote the internship system, and strengthen the relationship with the business world Cooperative and interactive relationship; (4) Strengthen the training courses for talents in international market development, so it attaches importance to the training of international marketing, language, interpersonal communication, and business negotiation, EQ ability; (5) Development and training of international marketing talents must understand the local investment History and culture, preferences, business habits, environment... etc. (6) Establish the ability of logical basis analysis and the analysis and evaluation of enterprises and economic and trade situations, and cultivate talents with macro vision and economic and humanistic quality.

In order to highlight the characteristics of the department, the "International Human Resources Dispatch Development Research Center" was established in 1993, and was upgraded to the school-level research center in 1997 to strengthen research on human resource planning and talent dispatch and cultivation, and strengthen industry-university cooperation and cooperation. practice. In addition, the department planned to establish the "Human Dispatch Management Credit Course" and the "International Marketing Communication Credit Course" in 1994 to strengthen the cultivation of talents related to human resource planning and talent dispatch, and cultivate talents related to international marketing. In view of the vigorous development of cross-strait business and the needs of multinational enterprise management learning, the establishment of "International Business Management Module", "Global Economic and Trade Module", "International Aviation Service Module", "Japanese Enterprise Management Module" and "International Fashion Marketing" "Management Module" to strengthen students' competitiveness and expertise. The planning of this department focuses on the four main axes of professional competence, foreign language competence, certification competence and moral competence. In order to better enhance learning motivation and ability, the department raises funds to issue scholarships exclusively for students of the Department of International Enterprise, and provides guidance on functional license verification, subsidies for registration fees for obtaining licenses, promotes industry internships, allows students to experience society early, and encourages and Promote the exchange of overseas study, pay only the tuition fee in South, and exempt the tuition fee in Japan. Every year, several students go to sister schools as exchange students to enhance their international outlook, enhance their language skills, and strengthen their employment competitiveness.